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The goal of the Peer Program is to improve HIV-related health outcomes and reduce health disparities for at-risk communities through peer education. OASIS Florida's Peer Program serves as a primary source of contact to provide support and information for newly infected men and women and also individuals who have dropped out of care. The Peer is a person living with HIV from the community, who shares key characteristics with the target population and acts effectively as a trusted educator, mentor, and source of social and emotional support.

The Peer promotes and assists clients with:

  • Adhering to medical care by keeping appointments, picking up medications, linking clients to medical care and support services, self-management of illness, and emotional support.

  • Peers also work to empower individuals to practice safer sex, reducing all risk behaviors in a relation to contracting HIV, and leading full, healthy lives. 

If you would be interested in being contacted by one of our Peers, please feel free to contact us by phone or by filling in the form below.

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