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Programs & Services

HIV & STI Testing

(now including Hep C)

Rapid HIV & Syphilis testing is available at OASIS Florida [CAN Community Health offers free STI testing via blood draw]. Contact us to set up and appointment.

Our Prevention Team is actively traveling across the Panhandle with the Mobile Testing Units (MTU) to provide easy access to testing servicesfree PrEP program(s), and Safe Sex Education.

(In Home Testing is postponed due to COVID. Please call about At-Home Testing kits)

Case Managers are the gateway to access "Ryan White" Medical Services. They also provide linkage to additional services that assist you with treatment adherence, food, housing, and social services. 

OASIS provide FREE condoms to anyone in the community requesting them. If you have a business such as a bar, restaurant, barber shop, tattoo parlor, or motel etc. and would allow OASIS to put a canister of free condoms out please call us. 

Peer Navigators are HIV Positive staff members who can be there for you while learning to be your own best advocate in our complex healthcare system.

We are gathering resources to help the transgender community in Northwest Florida. If you have questions in regards to transgender issues, services, or just need a friendly ear, give us a call and we will connect you with our Trans Outreach Coordinator. 

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