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Talking to
your Partner

HIV Transmission and Talking about Sex

Talk to your partner about sex and drug use.

  • Knowing you are in a mutually monogamous or open relationship allows you to make different decisions about HIV prevention.

  • If your partner is using drugs intravenously and you are having unprotected sex, you are at high-risk for HIV transmission. Although you can't stop your partner from using drugs, you can protect yourself by using a barrier when having sex.

What if I Can't Talk to My Partner about Safer Sex?

Talking about sex can be very difficult for women. It is not always safe, either. If you are in a situation where your partner could be physically violent or is physically violent toward you, your first step is to get help. Talk to a professional who can support you in making whatever changes you need to ensure your safety.

If you are unsure about how to begin a conversation about sex and drugs with your partner, there is plenty of help. You can attend a safer sex workshop in your community.

For more information on area resources that may be able to help you, please visit our resources page.

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